Juul North Carolina Settlement Adds $7.8 Million

Tobacco giant Juul agreed to pay North Carolina an extra $7.8 million to curb underage vaping, strengthening a 2021 lawsuit settlement. Attorney General Josh Stein will direct the funds toward protecting kids from e-cigarette addiction.

The initial $40 million state settlement forced Juul to amend its marketing and sales strategies after claims it deliberately attracted young users. However, authorities maintain work is still required to end teenage nicotine dependency.

Alongside North Carolina, five other states collectively claimed $438 million from the vaping leader in September 2022 to resolve a two-year investigation into youth targeting.

Washington D.C. also sued Juul Labs, who settled by paying approximately $462 million shared between six states and the capital district earlier in 2022. Over 5,000 personal injury lawsuits brought by 10,000 former users were likewise settled by the firm in late 2021.

Josh Stein believes curbing flavors and marketing that appeal to adolescents is vital for preventing long-term e-cigarette addiction. "Vaping is dangerous to kids' health, and we must continue to do everything in our power to keep them nicotine free," he stated.

Tobacco companies stand accused of utilizing sweet flavors and social media promotions to hook young customers. There are concerns vaping increases risks of respiratory conditions, behavioral disorders, and future cigarette usage.

North Carolina Directs Funds to Curbing Youth E-Cig Usage

The state health department will allocate the $7.8 million payout towards specialized youth prevention programs while assisting existing adult smokers to quit. The settlement also compels Juul to share internal research documents with North Carolina's universities in 2024.

These will aid anti-smoking projects and allow authorities to further understand marketing approaches. Policymakers hope to introduce tighter regulations around mass advertising if harmful trends are identified.

Ongoing surveillance and evidence gathering are vital to ensure new legislation sticks. "The vaping epidemic is far from over," Josh Stein warned, making the enhanced settlement a pragmatic measure. Counselors can also utilize the materials to dissuade peer pressure in schools through education.

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