Innokin Klypse Mecha Pod Kit Review

Renowned vape manufacturer Innokin is known for blending innovation with impeccable build quality. The new Klypse Mecha pod system kit demonstrates this beautifully through its intricate watch-inspired aesthetic coupled with satisfying MTL vape performance.

As a long-time Innokin fan, I was eager to take this artfully crafted pod mod for a spin. After two weeks of hands-on testing, I'm blown away by how this pocket-friendly vape combines substance with style. Let's dig into the details.

Initial Impressions - A Mini Work of Art

Straight out of the box, the Klypse Mecha's creative clockwork face design grabs your attention. The mix of glossy and matte textures across the brushed metal chassis simply oozes quality manufacturing.

Weighing just 105g, it feels reassuringly sturdy with rounded edges that nestle nicely into your palm. Standing at 94mm tall and 44mm wide, it slips easily into pockets as well.

The protruding dial used to adjust settings is a standout. It brings tactility, allowing easy tweaks without looking. However, its prominence also means it can get accidentally pressed when pocketed, shutting the device off.

Overall, this mini pod mod achieves a brilliant balance of substance and style right from first glance. The intricate embellishments give it an artistic flair rarely seen in vaping.

Innokin Klypse Mecha

Effortless Handling and Personalization

Despite its ornate exterior, the Klypse Mecha offers immense flexibility through its settings:

  • Wattage - Adjustable from 6 to 18W
  • Voltage - Customizable from 3.2 to 4.1V
  • Draw activation on/off
  • Multiple timeout durations
  • Digital clock display
  • Puff counter
  • Coil resistance readout

The responsiveness and granularity of those adjustments rival that of advanced mods, distilled into an easy-to-navigate interface. The circular OLED screen provides at-a-glance vaping statistics too.

Smart variable wattage automatically adapts power delivery to the coil resistance. This prevents dry hits when pushing boundaries, allowing you to fine-tune your vaping style.

Satisfying Battery Life and Rapid Charging

The built-in 900mAh battery sufficiently powers through a day of moderate MTL vaping based on my testing. While not exceptional compared to bulkier devices, it outlasts many pod mods of similar size.

Charging via the 0.8A Type-C port takes around 55 minutes. Quick charging would've been nice given the capacity, but pass-through vaping remains possible during top-ups.

The battery percentage display lets you monitor levels precisely. Plus, side port orientation enables conveniently charging while stood upright.

Innokin Klypse Mecha USB Charging

Flavor and Longevity from the Klypse Pods

Innokin's track record for reliable pods continues with the 2ml Klypse pods designed for the Mecha. Theirtransparency assists convenient e-liquid level checks too.

I encountered zero leaks despite everyday carry thanks to the tight magnetic fit and simple side fill system. Flavor reproduction was consistently clean and accurate as well.

The kit provides:

  • 0.6ohm pod for looser MTL draw
  • 1.2ohm pod for tighter MTL inhale

Both pods effectively brought out complexity across various juices I tried. Longevity seems fair too - around 2 weeks before gradual vapor decline.

Innokin Klypse Mecha 2 Pods

Smooth Performance Across All Settings

Whether MTL or a restricted direct lung draw, the Klypse Mecha fires instantly with the responsive auto-draw. The flexibility to fine-tune airflow and wattage enabled perfecting my preferred vape.

Smart wattage calibration prevented unpleasant dry hits when pushing the power ceiling as well. I never experienced misfires or technical issues during extensive testing either.

The minimal flavor muting especially stood out - nic salts and freebase juice came through cleanly no matter the pod or settings used. This pod mod delivers wonderfully balanced and nuanced hits.

An Effortless and Enjoyable User Experience

From first vape to routine use, the Mecha offering a wonderfully intuitive user experience. The artistic design never feels gimmicky.

After filling a pod and popping it in the bay, you're ready to go. The automatic draw activation means no button mashing needed. Adjusting settings via the dial also becomes second nature quickly.

Maintaining this pod mod day-to-day proved equally fuss-free. Refilling pods stayed mess-free thanks to the handy silicone plug system. The simple handling makes this suitable for beginners and veterans alike.

Innokin Klypse Mecha Pod Screen

Pros and Cons at a Glance


  • Elegant watch-inspired aesthetic
  • Robust zinc alloy build quality
  • Leak and spit-back resistant pods
  • Satisfying MTL and RDL performance
  • Smart auto-calibrated wattage
  • Intuitive dial controls and OLED screen


  • Battery capacity is rather limited
  • Lacks fast charging capabilities
  • Protruding dial prone to accidental presses

Final Verdict - Artistry Meets Performance

The Innokin Klypse Mecha demonstrates how beauty and brains often go hand-in-hand. This pod mod couples an exquisite watch-inspired facade with Innokin’s signature reliable build and power delivery.

While the battery life leaves some room for improvement, it didn't dent my overall experience. The Mecha provides immense customizability in a stylishly compact form factor with the smooth MTL vaping Innokin devices are loved for.

For intermediate vapers and above seeking a dependable yet dazzling daily driver that stands out from the sea of homogeneous pods, the Klypse Mecha is an easy recommendation. It exemplifies how Innokin consistently innovates and refines the pod vaping experience with artistry and performance combined.

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