Uwell Caliburn Explorer Pod Kit Review

Vape giants Uwell shake up the pod market yet again with their game-changing Caliburn Explorer featuring an ingenious dual coil and liquid chamber design for enhanced experimentation and versatility. Does this ambitious pod mod live up to the hype surrounding its inventive engineering? Our in-depth review investigates.

Ever since debuting their first Caliburn device back in 2019 and sparking a pod renaissance, Uwell established themselves as innovators pushing boundaries. Now with over 20 Caliburn iterations spanning sleek draw-activated units like the Koko to the artsy metallic punk Tenet, their newest Explorer incarnation stands out as the most radical.

Sporting separate e-liquid chambers with dedicated coils, this dual coil pod system grants vapers unprecedented flexibility to not only extend liquid longevity but toggle between flavors, intensities and methods with ease. We put this multi-faceted device through extensive testing to see if the reality aligns with its lofty promise.

Caliburn Explorer Pod Kit

Dual Coil Design Up Close

Straight away, the Caliburn Explorer’s unique configuration warrants inspection. The central source of innovation lies within the proprietary pod housing two separate juice reservoirs, each containing 1ml capacity and an individual mesh coil.

This enables vaping two distinct e-liquids individually or simultaneously along with customizing preferred flavors for a particular moment or activity. Further longevity gains arise from staggering liquid consumption across pods instead of outpacing a single 2ml chamber.

But the pod innovation doesn’t stop there. Four strategically placed airflow inputs miraculously avoid leaks despite the sidefill mechanism. And swapping pod orientation modifies draw tightness, facilitating both MTL and loose RDL styles.

Caliburn Explorer Pod Kit Dual Coil

Handling and Performance

In daily operation, the Caliburn Explorer delivers the satisfying hassle-free experience Uwell devices built their reputation on. Instant firing through auto-draw or the covert firing button prevents misfires while vapor production exceeds expectations.

The four-leaf clover button layout centralizes control, allowing vapers to target either coil specifically or alternate automatically. Battery life also impresses at 1000mAh ensuring over a day's use for most and LEDs keep juice visibility effortless.

Even with double the hardware, the Explorer fires consistently without leaks, spitting or battery drain. And the three high-performing coil options cover preferences from restricted DTL to tight MTL draws. Designed for exceptional practicality, Uwell nailed user-friendly handling.

Caliburn Explorer Pod Kit

Flavor and Customization Capabilities

This groundbreaking pod system’s superpower lies in its customization range enabling vapers to curate an optimal setup for the moment. Within seconds, you can toggle between flavors, intensities or methods.

Vaping a dessert juice? Dial the richness up by doubling the flavor in both coils. Seeking a brisk fruit? Mix with a menthol in the other chamber. Or cleanse the palate by alternating fruity and minty profiles puff-to-puff.

The creative pairing potential proves endless. Just fill each reservoir with chosen liquids, select targeted coil firing or alternating mode and the experience adapts on-demand. While maximum flavor complexity has its limits in 1ml chambers, the distinct customization freedom delights.

Caliburn Explorer Pod Kit

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
    • Allows vaping two e-liquids seamlessly
    • Custom pairings and alternating flavors
    • Extends liquid lifespan across dual coils
    • Three high-performing coil types
    • Leak-resistant sidefill pod
    • Generous 1000mAh battery
  • Cons
    • E-liquid consumption outpaces 2ml pods
    • Max 36W seems unnecessary for 18W coils
    • Small juice capacity per chamber

Final Verdict

All said, Uwell’s revolutionary Caliburn Explorer pod kit realizes its ambitions of enhancing versatility for vapers. The innovative dual coil pod design grants unprecedented customization freedom in mixing and alternating flavors to create ideal vape profiles on demand.

While maximum flavor intensity suffers slightly given the meager 1ml e-liquid chambers, the extended liquid lifespan through two dedicated coil setups offers a worthy compromise. Top-notch performance and practical handling sweeten the deal.

For vapers craving the ultimate in pod personalization to discover winning flavor combinations, the Explorer warrants strong consideration. Uwell managed to shake up static pod conventions and enhance flexibility dramatically while retaining their pedigree of peerless build quality and reliability.

So whether your goal calls for prolonging juice life, discovering complementary blends or simply adding variety to your daily rotation, this progressive pod system serves them all. Plus its beginner-friendly ease smooths entry for transitioning smokers. In a sea of lookalike devices, the Uwell Caliburn Explorer Makes its case as a welcome game-changer.

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