In-Depth Double Drip Disposable Vape Review

UK vaping powerhouse Double Drip enters the thriving disposable vape market with an extensive range of mouthwatering flavors packed into convenient pods. As self-proclaimed flavor chasers and vaping enthusiasts, we put 10 options from their new disposable pod collection to the test in this hands-on review.

Who is Double Drip?

Founded in 2016 by vapers for vapers, Double Drip built their reputation on creative, top-quality e-liquids and striking packaging. Their vast flavour range in 10ml bottles and shortfills encompasses succulent fruits, sweet desserts, cool menthols, drink inspirations and everything between.

Bright, eye-catching bottle designs allowed their flavors to stand out prominently on vape shop shelves. Now with over 70 flavours under their belt, tens of awards and a devoted customer base, the company sets sights on the rapidly growing disposable vape space.

Double Drip Disposable Vape

Overview of Double Drip Disposables

The new Double Drip disposable vape pod range packs an impressive 20 mouth-watering flavor options into compact, convenient devices. Ranging from summer fruits to soda and icy cool menthol profiles, diversity caters to all palates.

These disposables feature a slim pen-style build with plastic housing and fixed mouthpiece intended for discreet mouth-to-lung vaping. Each one has an LED indicator light and automatic draw-activation requiring no buttons. The 350mAh battery lasts around 600 puffs before needing replacement.

We secured 10 flavors from Double Drip to assess the new pod range first-hand as dedicated vaping enthusiasts. Our flavor selection covered an array of fruit, menthol, soda, and dessert options to extensively test performance.

Premium Look & Feel

Right off the bat, presentation makes a great first impression reflecting Double Drip’s trademark bold branding. The disposable pods arrive neatly packaged in color-coded boxes clearly conveying vital product details.

Vibrant color schemes mirroring the flavors and elegant silver logo accents give the pods a refined allure. While prone to fingerprints, the premium metal and plastic casing seems solidly constructed with no noticeable defects.

In hand, the pods feel nicely lightweight at just 32 grams with dimensions of 68mm x 37mm x 16mm. These compact dimensions paired with the ergonomic design make them effortlessly pocketable.

Starting each pod simply involves removing the safety seals and clear mouthpiece cover then taking a draw to activate the battery. Once pod life expires after around 600 puffs, the LED light flashes indicating time to replace it.

Double Drip Disposable Vape

10 Double Drip Flavors Reviewed

Moving onto performance, here is the scoop on all 10 delectable Double Drip disposable vape pod flavors we tested based on real-world experience:

Cola Ice

  • Flavor Profile: Fizzy cola with frosty menthol finish
  • Experience: Authentic bubbly cola flavor followed by an icy chill reminiscent of drinking chilled cola on ice. The menthol breeze provides a deeply refreshing effect.

Cherry Ice

  • Flavor Profile: Sweet cherry and cooling menthol
  • Experience: Initially sweet and tart red cherry that transitions into a pleasant icy menthol blast. Menthol kick may prove slightly intense for some but overall a nice fruity and cooling vape.

Cherry Cola

  • Flavor Profile: Classic cola and cherry fusion
  • Experience: Dominant syrupy cola flavor with faint cherry backdrop, similar to flat cherry cola drink. Lacking prominent cherry or menthol notes but still makes a smooth ADV option.

Spearmint Menthol

  • Flavor Profile: Spearmint and menthol
  • Experience: Crisp, minty spearmint flavor upfront with cane sugar sweetness followed by a strong cooling menthol. Creates an awakening brisk vape ideal for palate cleansing.

Lemon & Lime

  • Flavor Profile: Zesty lemon and lime citrus
  • Experience: Bright punchy lemon and lime fruits evoke flavors of favorite frozen lemon-lime ice pops. Nice balance without one citrus overpowering the other. Cooling on exhale makes a perfect replication I could vape all day.

Pineapple Ice

  • Flavor Profile: Sweet pineapple and icy menthol
  • Experience: Spot-on juicy pineapple candy flavor chased by smooth icy finish reminiscent of cold pineapple juice. One of the most authentic fruit profiles that left me craving more.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

  • Flavor Profile: Rich blueberry and tart raspberry
  • Experience: Very sweet and candy-like combo of blueberry and sour raspberry. The overt berry sweetness paired with puckering tartness of the raspberry proved too aggressive for my preferences but likely an ideal option for hardcore sweet fruit fans.


  • Flavor Profile: Fizzy soda with fruit medley
  • Experience: Light fizzy soda quality with blend of mixed berries in the vein of classic energy drink flavors. While not my typical go-to, the flavor developed on me over time into an intriguing all-day vape option.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

  • Flavor Profile: Strawberry, raspberry and cherry trio with cooling menthol
  • Experience: The classic berry trio shines through with each fruity flavor clearly detectable. However, the fruits come off slightly artificial like candy replicas with cherry most prominent on the back end. Menthol provides smooth cooling.

Grape Ice

  • Flavor Profile: Sweet grape and icy menthol
  • Experience: Authentic sun-ripened grapes with candy-like sweetness quickly met with brisk menthol. The grape flavoring mix perfectly evokes real grapes; a satisfying flavor option.

Battery Life & Puff Count

Moving onto pragmatic performance, we assessed whether the disposable pods realistically last around 600 puffs as advertised.

After normal use, one NRG pod unexpectedly burnt out early at just 316 puffs - likely a random dud unit.

However, a second Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice pod lasted around the full 600 puff rating before vapor production tapered off, mirroring typical disposable pod lifespan.

So while occasional lemon pods crop up, the ~600 rating generally proves accurate under normal vaping conditions. Of course user habits like draw length/frequency impact puff count too.

Final Verdict

In closing, Double Drip brings their creative flavor mastery to the disposable pod market with flying colors. The expansive flavor selection thoughtfully covers mainstream profiles letting most vapers discover crowd-pleasing options tailored to their tastes.

The compact, covert pen design travels discreetly for on-the-go nic satisfaction. While the odd dud pod can arise, overall battery life meets standards. And priced at £4.99, the pods deliver solid value.

With nic salt instant gratification, Double Drip disposables make an accessible stepping stone for transitioning smokers. For cloud chasers they may underwhelm, but impress perfectly as a portable stealth vape rig.

In upholding our commitment to integrity and honesty, we aim for fully transparent coverage - highlighting standout flavors while constructively noting areas for refinement. By providing an authentic insider perspective rooted in hands-on expertise, we hope to empower readers in making informed vape purchases best aligned to individual preferences.

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